2021 Sermons

Revelation Series 1/03/2021 to 9/12/2021


The Awesome Demonstration of Gods Power Through Restraint
Good Friday Special Service
Bart Stickney

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Baptism is a Powerful Picture of the Gospel
Bart Stickney


Why You Should Go to Church
Gary Brumbelow


2021-10-10 Daniel ~ How to Respond to a Godless Government ~ Gary Brumbelow


2021-10-17 Ecclesiastes ~ Everything in Its Proper Time & Eternity in the Heart! ~ Bart Stickney


2021-11-28 Bethlehem is God’s Grace to the World ~ Gary Brumbelow


2021-12-05 Faith Unlocks the Meaning of Christmas ~ Gary Brumbelow


2021-12-12 – 1 Peter ~ How to Glorify God at Christmas (and all the time) ~ Rodney Barnes


2021-12-19 Matthew ~ God’s Word is Enough ~ Gary Brumbelow


2021-12-26 Matthew ~ Who Do Men Say That I Am ~ Gary Brumbelow