Troutdale Community Church
Monday, March 18, 2019
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Welcome to Troutdale Community Church!


March 10

what does Jesus say about the end?


We place a high value on:

·  The Word of God and its preaching and teaching. We have it open on Sunday mornings with our “fingers on the text” as it is preached. We enjoy vigorous discussion as we study it together in our midweek gatherings and SS.

·  The power of the gospel. What happened outside the walls of Jerusalem 2000 years ago remains the most relevant news for today. Our past, present, and future is wrapped up in that story.

·  Fellowship beyond the surface level. We gather every Sunday in Englizian Hall after the service for a little food (sometimes a lot!) and a lot of conversation, with an occasional round of “Happy Birthday."

·  Making people feel welcome. A senior saint of many years’ experience described us as, “The most loving church I have ever been part of.” Of course we’re still growing in this dimension, but it’s important to us. Jesus said it’s how people will know we belong to Him.

Sunday School - 10:00      


Worship Service 11:00


Join us in Englizian Hall for food and conversation after the service